Live meeting broadcasts down temporarily in Marion

Feb 21, 2018

If Marion board and committee meetings have looked a little off lately, it’s not just your television.

Marion Town Administrator Paul Dawson said that he had been in contact with ORCTV about issues with the live broadcasts from the Town House.

“There is a problem that anyone at home who has watched recently knows,” he said. “The walls in this room turn purple and it becomes psychedelic looking.”

“Like Willy Wonka,” Select Chair Jody Dickerson joked.

Apparently there is an issue with the cable feed, Dawson said, which ORCTV is currently working on getting fixed. In the meantime, however, meetings will not be broadcast live, but will be posted as quickly as possible after the fact on the ORCTV website.

“When it’s corrected, broadcasts will go live again,” Dawson said. “Hopefully it’s a short week or two-week process.”

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