Mendoza withdraws from Rochester Selectman race

Feb 28, 2018

Rochester Selectman candidate Cathy Mendoza has withdrawn from the race for a selectman seat.

Mendoza was set to run against Paul Ciaburri and David Arancio for the three-year term, currently held by Naida Parker. Ciaburri and Arancio are still set to run.

Mendoza said of her decision to withdraw, “I chose to withdraw my candidacy when a local board member, who runs a community forum, chose to single me out in the most unseemly manner. His motivations with regard to this campaign were clear. This same individual then crossed the line by singling out my child. Candidates may be fair game, but their kids are not."

She added that she will be supporting selectman candidate David Arancio in the upcoming selectman race, adding that she found him to be extremely intelligent and articulate.