Power restoration timeline shortened for tri-town

Mar 5, 2018

Residents of Marion can cheer; the 45 percent of residents in town without power are expected to have it back by noon on Monday, March 5, according to Eversource.

Eversource said in a social media post that crews had been working 24/7, and the time of power restorations has been moved up a day for the hardest-hit area, Cape Cod (which in Eversource's list, includes the tri-town.) The power restoration schedule switches restoration times from Wednesday evening to Tuesday evening .

Rochester residents, 41 percent of whom are without power, will have to wait another day. They, alongside the 28 people in Mattapoisett who remain without power, should expect to have power fully restored until noon on Tuesday.

Eversource's list gives a general timeline; it does note that homes in isolated areas should expect getting power back at a later time.

All schools in the tri-town have cancelled school on Monday.