Mattapoisett selectmen revoke 100-acre aquaculture permit

Apr 11, 2018

The Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen revoked the 100-acre aquaculture permit belonging to Fairhaven-based company Taylor Cultured Seafood Inc. on Tuesday night.

The permit came under scrutiny in January when representatives from the company admitted the site hadn’t been in compliance with regulations in more than a year. At the time, the selectmen deemed the site abandoned.

The six violations listed in the letter the town sent to the company are: failure to mark the boundaries of the licensed area and the boundaries of racks, rafts or floats within the area, failure to maintain a daily presence at or near the licensed area from May 15-Oct. 15, abandonment of licensed area and failure to remove all equipment, failure to use the area denoted in the license, lack of substantial use of the licensed area, plan to use the area for oysters instead of the permitted scallops.

At a meeting with selectmen in March, the owner of the company told the board that the company planned to surrender its license. However, Town Administrator Mike Gagne said he had never received a vote from the company’s board of directors, so the selectmen decided to revoke the license.

The 100-acre area was the largest permitted site in the state, located between Ram Island and the tip of Brandt Island. The permit was issued in the late 80s, prior to the aquaculture regulations the town has today.

The site is now up for grabs, but selectmen noted that nowadays residents can apply for 2.5 acres at a time.