Mattapoisett gets grant to repair wharves

Jun 18, 2018

A $160,000 grant is slated to keep wear and tear on Mattapoisett wharves at bay.

The town will receive funds from the Boating Infrastructure Grant program, a two-tier award supported through state and federal funds.

A matching funds grant, $60,000 of the grant value is required from the town.

Funds will allow the town to provide concrete barriers off Long Wharf designed to shield other wharves from storm damage.

“This can be really ugly here,” said Mattapoisett Harbormaster Jill Simmons regarding weather damage to Mattapoisett wharves over the years.

With heavy winds often coming from the southeast, the wharves are often fall prey to brutal storms. Even with 30 MPH winds for upwards of 16 hours, “this place goes upside down,” Simmons said.

The town is frequently repairing wharves pounded by southeasterly storms.

A 65 to 78 MPH storm in October of last year caused heavy damage to the wharves. Shortly after repairs were made, another storm once again pummeled the harbor.

Storm protection isn't the only incentive from the B.I.G grant. Along with protecting the town wharves from storm damage, Simmons expects the new floats to encourage Mattapoisett tourism.

"I would think it certainly enhances local businesses,” said Simmons. “That’s the whole idea.”