Women's Club tour showcases Mattapoisett gardens

Jun 30, 2018

From Ned’s Point to Antassawamock, visitors toured nine private gardens on June 30 as the Mattapoisett Women's Club staged its biennial garden tour.

A sunflower flag marked each stop on the tour as the sun itself pushed temperatures close to 90 and tour participants were offered bottled water.

Heat or no, visitors described the ample flower beds, ferns and shrubbery as gorgeous, soothing and peaceful.

Proceeds from the tour benefit the Women's Club's scholarship program.

“This is our biggest fundraiser, especially on a nice day like today,” said Sarah Hering, co-chair of the club’s Garden Group committee.

Hering said planning for the event began last summer when committee members toured various residences, looking to be wooed by distinctive gardens.

“Basically … you know,” she said. “There are certain gardens that are just unique.”