Heat, victory, donuts: the 2018 Mattapoisett Road Race

Jul 4, 2018

For Joe Farrand of Mattapoisett, claiming victory at the Fourth of July Mattapoisett Road Race was a great going away present.

Farrand, 26, outlasted 1,003 other runners for five miles in sweltering conditions. He said his post-race plans were much more relaxed: Take a shower and hang out with friends at the beach for three days before moving to California.

“Perfect,” he said while trying to catch his breath. “It’s perfect.”

Oppressive weather didn’t keep Farrand from besting last year's winner, Taylor Days-Merril of Fairhaven, who finished fourth this year.

Similarly, on the women's side, Kim Bolick of Marion beat last year's winner, Madeline Mondo of Mattapoisett. Mondo finished second by 25 seconds.

“It was a lot cooler last year,” Mondo said with a laugh.

Bolick said its was tough to get comfortable in a good pace because the course has so many twists and turns.

“But it’s a good atmosphere,” she added. “Lots of fun, lots of cheering.”

Spectators lined parts of the village streets, giving a roar or support as runners passed by.

The Suzanne family continued a 20-year tradition as they eyed Main Street from picnic chairs, handing out donuts as runners passed by. About 10 runners picked up the glazed treats this year, said Mitch Suzanne Jr.

“I had fun with it,” Suzanne said.

You can check out more results at: www.my.racewire.com/results/35072