Senior housing development hearing postponed

Jul 11, 2018

Planning Board members expressed frustration as developers of a proposed 44-acre senior housing development again requested postponement of a public hearing on their application for a special permit.

The hearing -- on a residential development special permit and application for work on a scenic highway -- was to have taken place on July 10. The housing would be for residents 55 and over, and is proposed for Rounseville Road, across from Rochester’s Town Hall.

The property’s developers are Wareham-based JC Engineering and REPurpose Properties, and representatives again requested the hearing be continued to a later date, much to the dismay of Planning Board members.

“I think we should just kick [the hearing] out until the first meeting in August,” Chair Arnie Johnson said.

Board member Gary Florindo agreed.

“All they’ve been doing is continuing and continuing,” he said. “Let’s kick it out until August. This is getting crazy.”

The hearing is set for the first meeting in August.