Marion house condemned

Aug 4, 2018

The Board of Health has condemned a home at 31 Partridge Place after inspection by the town health director determined the empty house unfit for human habitation.

The home, located off Quail's Crossing on a quiet cul de sac, is a 1,944 square foot three-bedroom Colonial -style home.

The home had been a concern for some time to neighbors, who complained of noxious and nauseating odors from leaking pipes inside the home. The Fire Department also lodged a complaint with the Board of Health about the house.

Neighbors report that there was a leak from the upstairs toilet, and water was pouring out of the side of the house to a neighbor's yard, filling the basement waste high in water, according to a July 11, Board of Health letter to Astoria Federal Mortgage Corp. in Lake Success, New York, which is listed as the owner of the house.

The mortgage company was apparently trying to sell the home because the health board's letter said "realtors that have had to enter the house had to leave because of the odor from the house." According to an  online property service, the property last sold in 2003 for $285,000.

In condemning the home, Marion Health Director Karen Walega cited at least five serious health code violations, including the determination that "the house is a danger to life or health of anyone who enters the premises."

Under state law, the property owner has a right to request a hearing to appeal the board's determination.