‘Salty Soiree’ lights up the night

Oct 30, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — In the shadow cast by Salty the Seahorse, a celebration was held in his namesake on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 28.

The Mattapoisett Land Trust has organized the “Salty Soiree” annually since 2007 in the Dunseith Gardens.

This year’s event featured live music, storytelling and a whole lot of smores. A large bonfire burned throughout the night, providing warmth to guests as the temperature dropped.

Award-winning Storyteller Diane Edgecomb made the trip south from Boston to entertain the audience as the day turned to night.

According to Mattapoisett Land Trust Manager Colleen Andrews, the purpose of the soiree is to provide families with a night of fun during a time of year where people may be looking for something to do.

“This is a park that is managed by the land trust, so we just want to let everyone know that it's here and that we love to put on events for the community,” said Andrews.

Andrews looks at Salty as a Mattapoisett staple.

“When you go into a store you see seahorses and you see people wearing seahorses on their shirts, it has become a symbol of Mattapoisett,” said Andrews. “Nobody else has a giant seahorse in their town.”

Andrews received help running the event from 12 Old Rochester Regional High School students. Most of the student volunteers are a part of the environmental club at Old Rochester , including Senior Theo Jacobsen.

“It is great giving the kids smores and seeing them run over to the fire to roast them,” said Jacobsen. “This is a great community event and I love being a part of it.”