History of Marion Village homes is expanded

Aug 8, 2022

MARION – For those looking to learn more about the story behind their Marion Village homes, the Marion Historical Society has completed the next phase of their project to catalog their roots

The society has announced the completion of what they call “phase two” of the Marion Historic Survey Update. Work on this project included updating and expanding the historic inventory in much of the Marion Village area in order to make it more accessible, more easy to use, and fully compliant with current state standards. Work began in the fall of 2021 and has now been completed.

The project was funded by a Survey & Planning Grant received in 2021 from the Massachusetts Historical Commission with the local match of 2020 Community Preservation funds from the town.

For this project, the society’s historic preservation consultant, Lynn Smiledge, re-examined the existing survey forms for three distinct areas of the Village: the Water Street area, George Bonham Nye area (at Pleasant Street and Converse Road), and the Upper Main Street area. Maps and data sheets for each building were clarified and improved, and individual building forms were completed for a large number of properties in and near these Areas.

The information will soon be accessible to the public on the Marion Historical Commission’s website, as well as in hard copy in repository at the Sippican Historical Society and the Elizabeth Taber Library.

The town will also be sending copies of the building forms to owners of properties that were individually surveyed. Properties in the survey range from the grand shingle style homes in the Water Street area to more modest 19th century Cape Cod cottages and Greek Revival homes. Also represented are several examples of the Queen Anne period, Gothic Revival cottages, Colonial Revival and Bungalow-style homes.

The results will benefit individual property owners interested in the history of their homes as well as being a planning tool available to local boards to assure development decisions are within the goals for preservation of the town’s historic resources, in accordance with the Marion master plan.

The historical society’s work continues with their next project to update and expand of Marion’s historic inventory.

This project is funded with 2021 Community Preservation funds.

Its focus will be the Old Landing area, Old Depot area, Rev. Oliver Cobb area, and other areas of town where early historic properties remain extant and are worthy of further research to better understand and appreciate the town’s historic growth and the significant 18th, 19th and early 20th century architectural properties that survive as reminders and reflections of our history and culture.