Marion DPW Director looks back on long career

Feb 28, 2023

MARION— Rebecca Tilden’s role as the Director of the Public Works Department keeps her on her toes.

“Every day presents new challenges and no day is ever the same,” Tilden said regarding her daily schedule. “That is the type of work that I like, I would quickly get bored in a role that never changes.”

Despite enjoying the day-to-day changes of her job, she has consistently worked for the Town of Marion since she was in high school, with her first role being a part-time position in the permitting office.

Sticking to her roots, Tilden returned to her hometown after graduating college and began working for the Department of Public Works as an administrative assistant in 1995.

“I really enjoyed that position,” she said. “It was a great position to start in to learn all aspects of the Department of Public Works.”

Tilden worked her way through the department until she was appointed as the Director of Public Works in 2022.

“Ninety-nine percent of my previous work experience has been with the Town of Marion, with the majority of it with the Department of Public Works,” she said.

Her various roles have not only offered her insight for her current position, but also showed her how different divisions of the department operate.

“I understand the challenges each [employee] faces and know the employees, many who are long-term employees of the town,” said Tilden.

Tilden said that she’s seen the department progress and adapt over the years through various projects including Point Road Memorial Forest, Benson Brook Water Tank, and the ongoing Lagoon Lining Project.

“I’ve seen a lot of technological changes and infrastructure improvements throughout the years but I don’t think the basic characteristics of Marion have changed a lot,” she said, referring to Marion as a “wonderful seaside town.”

Tilden said that she is looking forward to involvement in future projects.

“I am really excited about the new DPW Operations Building. I think this is going to be a great project and our team will play a big role in the site prep work,” she said.

Despite all the development Tilden has witnessed and been a part of throughout her time at working for the town, she said she hopes Marion will keep its historic charm.

“I consider myself lucky to have been raised in Marion,” Tilden said. “ I personally hope that the Town can keep the small-town characteristics that make it so special.”