Marion firefighters hold prayer service for fallen member

Mar 3, 2019

MARION — Police and fire personnel from across the region gathered on March 3 to pay respects to Marion firefighter Thomas Nye, who died on Wednesday after fighting a fire on Tuesday.

Firefighters and policemen processed from the Mattapoisett Police Department to Saunders Dwyer Funeral Home, where the prayer service was to be held.

The public safety officers were allowed in to the funeral home to pay their respects to Nye, who served as a call firefighter with Marion for 45 years.

After, they assembled alongside the family for a prayer service, lead by Marion Fire Chief Brian Jackvony and Chief Fire Chaplain James Tilbe.

After readings of the 23rd Psalm and John, Tilbe made some remarks.

“Firefighters make little sacrifices all the time,” he stated, mentioning missed meals, or a family event that may be cut short when a fire breaks out as examples.

“Our families also know this, and make these sacrifices with us,” Tilbe continued. However, he continued, a few firefighters make a greater sacrifice, one that Abraham Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion.”

“Tom responded with a devotion we all admire,” Tilbe stated.

Jackvony then spoke about Nye.

“Tom was to all firefighters a mentor,” the chief said, adding that he was also “a good friend and firefighter.”

After the remarks, the bell was then run with call 555, the universal signal for a firefighter that has died in the line of duty.

The Marion Fire Department also struck Box 41, a Marion tradition. Box 41 is reserved for serious cases such as a structure fire, smoke in a building, or as a last bell when a firefighter dies in the line of duty.

“Rest in peace, Brother Nye. We have it from here,” said Jackvony at the end of the ceremony.