Opinion: Hoffer thanks Marion for its support

May 16, 2022

To the editor:

I would like to thank all the Marion residents who trusted me with their votes, and I can only wish there had been a few more of them! Best of luck to Toby in his new role.

I particularly thank the many friends who invited their friends and neighbors to meet me and discuss the issues facing Marion. My sons, Jed and Scott, were tireless in their efforts to get a polished look to my signs and website.

Toby’s strong campaign pushed me out of my comfort zone into going door-to-door to meet voters. That effort let me meet a wonderful group of people, all of whom were gracious and forthcoming with their ideas for making Marion a better place to live.

I expect to stay active in town affairs and will continue to work to make Marion an even better place to live.

Edward P. Hoffer, MD