Opinion: Mattapoisett should vote for road reconstruction committee

Apr 30, 2024

To the editor:

Residents of Mattapoisett will be asked to vote for or against a Road Reconstruction Committee at Town Meeting on May 13. A committee is the way to resolve the current concerns about the project, especially since the project has been pushed out to 2027 and because trees, infrastructure and taxes are at stake.

The committee will hold public meetings and ensure that public questions are responded to. The reason for this committee is to make sure the end product of this road reconstruction meets the resident’s goals without surprises. A committee with relevant industry and committee experience will bring a balanced perspective to decision making, understanding of design and construction, thorough reviews of options and alternatives before it is too late to make changes. It just makes sense to have a representative local committee meeting regularly and overseeing the future use and character of our main public roads in the village.

We encourage you to read more about the petition on our Facebook page Friends of Mattapoisett Village Roads, where you will find frequently asked questions and the comments of our citizens. And most importantly, please be present at Town Meeting to cast your vote on this important issue.

Bonne DeSousa, Sandra Hering