Rochester approves new student handbook

Oct 7, 2021

ROCHESTER — The Rochester School Committee approved a revised student handbook on Oct. 7.

Rochester’s approval of the handbook — similar to one adopted by Mattapoisett elementary schools — is the second of three such approvals to be considered by school committees. The three handbooks are similar in nature, and aim to unify expectations and policies set forth by the Old Rochester Regional School District.

“Our handbook was actually the model one we wanted to replicate across all three towns,” Rochester Memorial School Principal Derek Medeiros said, adding that it’s “pretty close to our typical handbook that has come out over the years.”

The handbook includes expectations for students regarding school policy, behavior and academics. While it was approved at the Oct. 7 meeting, this may not be the only time the Rochester School Committee approves a student handbook this year.

As of its approval, the handbook contains info regarding the in-place mask mandate for all Massachusetts schools. Should that mandate be lifted, the school committee would likely vote on an amendment to the handbook to reflect new masking guidance.