Silvershell Inn owners thank Tom Figueiredo

Jan 21, 2020

To the editor:

Thank you for your thoughtful and informative article in last week’s edition about how we as innkeepers of the Silvershell Inn, a three-suite residential bed and breakfast in Marion, are working to restore the Cobb family residence at 460 Front Street. 

We wish to publicly thank our master carpenter, Tom Figueiredo, whose traditional carpentry skills and dedication to excellence made it possible for us to accomplish the progress we have made so far.  Having worked with many contractors in two previous restorations, we can say that Tom is by far the best and fairest builder we have ever experienced. He was also helpful in referring us to other reliable tradespeople including John Taber, our ironsmith; Randy Parker, our electrician; Susannah Davis, our landscape designer; Matt Bache and George Archer, our plumbers; and Steve Robbins and John English, who installed our new heating system.

We highly recommend Tom Figueiredo to anyone who hopes to restore an historic building. He can make your dreams come true.

George and Jean Linzee