Three trees to be taken down in Mattapoisett

Jan 5, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Three trees will be taken down around Mattapoisett, despite preservation concerns from members of the Mattapoisett Planning Board.

At a Jan. 4 meeting, the planning board decided that an ash tree at 9 Ship Street will be removed due to decay within the tree. 

Two arborists, including one from DuPonte Landscaping and Nursery, recommended that the tree be taken down due to the decay. Tree Warden Roland Cote said that when he went to look at the tree, he found that it was almost completely hollow. 

Two other trees at 177 North Street will also be taken down. The trees will be removed due to safety concerns for the residents of the house, who said the trees prevent them from easily entering and leaving the driveway to the property. 

Following the board’s decision to remove the three trees, board member Nathan Ketchel brought up tree replacement. He said he’s noticed that when trees are taken down in town, they’re rarely replaced, and that funding to replace trees hasn’t been provided when trees are removed. 

The board agreed, and decided to look into further ways of making sure that trees are replaced when they are taken down.