Tri-town prepares for Spring elections

Jan 26, 2019

As elections approach across the tri-town, nomination papers for 37 offices are or will become available. As of Jan. 29, 15 candidates have taken out nomination papers. 

Mattapoisett has 14 positions up for re-election come May 21.

Seth Hiller was the first to take out papers in Mattapoisett on Jan 23. He will run for the spot that Jordan Collyer currently occupies on the Board of Selectmen.

Collyer pulled his papers for re-election for the three-year position the next day.

Town Moderator John Eklund also pulled papers to run for re-election on Jan. 23. His term is only one year.

Charles McCullough, who serves on both the Mattapoisett Housing Authority and the Community Preservation Committee, pulled papers for re-election for both positions on Jan. 23.

His term on the Housing Authority would last five years, and if re-elected he would serve for two years on the Community Preservation Committee.

Deborah Dyson has indicated that she will not run for re-election on her three year Old Rochester District School Committee seat. 

Robert Martin pulled papers on Jan. 24 to spend another three years as Herring Inspector. And Roland Cote also pulled papers on Jan. 29 for a three year term as Tree Warden. 

Other positions up for re-election in Mattapoisett include three year terms on the Board of Assessors, the Water/Sewer Commission, and the Board of Health. The Mattapoisett School Committee, Library Trustees and Constable all have two three year positions open.  There is also another two year spot on the Community Preservation Committee, and a five-year position on the Planning Board.  

Rochester has 12 open positions and nine candidates have already pulled papers to run in the April 10 election. 

Brad Morse pulled papers to run for another three years on the Board of Selectmen, and Jeffrey Eldridge is also seeking another three years as Highway Surveyor. 

David Hughes has served as a Constable and on the Park Commission for three years. He intends to re-run for both positions this spring. 

Lori Souza has served for three years on the Cemetery Commission and Diane Knapp has been on the Board of Assessors for the same amount of time. Both have pulled papers to run for re-election.

Although Kimberly Burt was not elected as a Library Trustee, she was appointed to fill the position through April when Winston Sharples resigned. She intends to run for one of the three year positions to continue serving. 

Two new faces have also decided to run for positions in Rochester, with Matthew Beaulieu running for a three year term on the Rochester Memorial School Committee and Marc Slabodnick running for one of the positions as Constable. 

Rochester also has a three year position on the Board of Health and another spot up for re-election on the Library Trustees. In addition, there is one three year position open on the Park Commission. 

Marion has 11 positions up for election this spring. Interested candidates can take out papers for the May 17 election starting on Feb. 1. 

Town residents interested in running for town office can run for a three year term as a Selectman, Assessor, Board of Health member, Tree Warden or Marion School Committee member. There are also two three year positions open on the Open Space Acquisition Committee and Planning Board, and a one year position as Moderator that is up for re-election. 

Rochester has the first deadline to pull papers, on Feb. 21. The Marion deadline to pull papers is March 25. Mattapoisett’s deadline to pull papers is March 29.