Winter storm kept firefighters busy

Dec 28, 2022

From downed branches to flooded basements, the Mattapoisett and Marion Fire departments were busy with storm-related calls on Friday, Dec. 23. 

According to Mattapoisett Fire Chief Andrew Murray, the Mattapoisett Fire Department received a total of 21 calls stemming from the storm. 

“[The calls were] consistently steady,” he said. “Exactly as expected.”

The Mattapoisett Fire Department received calls about fallen trees on houses and cars, downed power lines and vehicle crashes. 

“It was manageable,” he said. “But it was a long duration storm.” A long duration storm is a storm that lasts 20 hours or more.

Murray noted that the Fire Department took time to prepare for the storm. 

“We ran all of our equipment,” he said. He explained that to prepare for storms the department tests equipment beforehand. 

In a social media post, the Mattapoisett Fire Department said that it ran and fully fueled every chainsaw, gas-powered saw, fire engine, vehicle, extraction device and water pump.

The Marion Fire Department also prepared for storm-related mishaps. 

“We had extra personnel on duty and tested all of our equipment,” said Marion Fire Chief Brain Jackvony. 

The Marion Fire Department received six storm-related calls on Dec. 23. 

According to Jackvony, storm-related calls started coming in around 3 a.m. The department received multiple calls regarding downed power lines and one call to help with a flooded basement. 

The department also responded to a call about a tree branch falling on a vehicle. According to Jackvony, no one was injured. 

Jackvony said that he listened to conference calls from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to stay informed on how to access local state services if needed. 

“We were prepared, we had people in place,” he said.