Land Trust awarded $85,000 to conserve native cedar

Oct 20, 2017

The Rochester Land Trust has been awarded $85,000 in grant money from the state to conserve a wetlands property along Walnut Plain Road.

The grant will help the Land Trust acquire 78.6 acres of land on Estabrook Way, off of Walnut Plain Road. A cedar swamp is located on the property, and it is the location of several Atlantic white cedar trees. The Atlantic white cedar is the only type of cedar tree native to North America that grows on the East Coast.

The Land Trust was previously awarded $35,000 in grant money to protect the property in September, where it was noted that the land will be held and stewarded in partnership with the Buzzards Bay Coalition. A 33 percent grant match, which Rochester Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon explained would be paid for with a federal grant, was also included.

The Estabrook property is part of a large, undeveloped forest area near the mouth of the Sippican River.

The Land Trust's grant was part of an overal $505,625 grant given by the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs' Conservation Partnership Grant. The Conservation Partnership Program provides funding to assist non-profit organizations in acquiring interests in lands suitable for conservation or recreation purposes.

The overall grant will protect 188 acres of land throughout Massachusetts.

“These grants will help ensure beautiful, diverse habitats across the state will remain preserved and undeveloped,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton.

Seven other grants were awarded to conservation projects in Massachusetts, including projects in Onset, East Falmouth, Andover and Orleans. Projects in Rochester, Orleans and Falmouth each received $85,000, the highest individual amount awarded by the state.