School Committee seats contested in Marion election

Mar 21, 2023

MARION — Three Marion residents are in the running for two, three-year seats on the Marion School Committee, and two residents are running to represent Marion on the Old Rochester Regional Joint School Committee. 

Voters will have their chance to cast a ballot during the Marion town election on May 12. 

Incumbents Mary Beauregard and Nicole Nye McGaffey are both running to keep their positions on the Marion School Committee while newcomer Mirian Nawoichik threw her hat into the ring for the Committee.

Beauregard was appointed as a school committee member in 2020

“I decided to run for re-election because I believe in making an impact at a local level. With so much decisiveness in the world, we need rational, reasonable people representing our children,” said Beauregard.

McGaffey has been a member of the Marion School Committee since 2016

“The quality of education we provide the students in the Tri-Town has always been a point of pride and I am really passionate about making sure that continues,” said McGaffey.

Nawoichik could not be reached for comment.

Old Rochester Regional School Committee member Margaret McSweeny is running against newcomer Jennifer Marie-Zora Stewart for a seat on the board.

McSweeny has been a member of the Old Rochester Regional School Committee since 2020.

“I want to continue to help create and maintain a safe, inclusive and equitable school system, one that celebrates diversity and condemns racism in all its forms,” said McSweeny.

Stewart said her platform is based on focusing on basic curriculum and transparency. 

“I’d like to provide more upstream transparency regarding content and curriculum to families with students in our schools,” said Stewart. 

Other elections for town offices are unopposed.

At the Marion Town House Select Board member Norm Hills is running unopposed to uphold his position on the Select Board.

Hills has served on the Select Board since 2017.

“My experience has been positive,” said Hills. “Marion is fortunate to have many dedicated employees and helpful volunteers on our boards and committees.”

In addition to sitting on the Select Board, Hills has also served on the Marion Planning Board. 

The Planning Board will have three vacant positions this year. 

Marion resident Ryan Burke is running for a spot as a member of the Planning Board. 

“I want to help serve the board to the best of my ability,” Burke said. 

Burke has experience as an electrical contractor in residential construction. 

Incumbent’s Eileen Marum and William Dale Jones are also on the ballot. 

“I enjoy being on the Planning Board and consider it my civic duty to give back to my neighbors and friends in the Marion community,” said Marum.

Jones could not be reached for comment. 

Two Assessor positions are on the ballot with incumbents Patricia A. Decosta and Peter Winters are looking to uphold their positions. 

Patricia Decosta has been Board of Assessors since the uncontested race for the position in 2017.

Winters was appointed to a vacant position as an assessor in 2022. 

Both Decosta and Winters did not respond to requests for comment. 

Health Board Clerk Albin Johnson is running unopposed for their position on the board.

Johnson was appointed as clerk in 2022. 

“I have been out of office for seven years but saw an opportunity to serve my community again in this time of need,” said Johnson.

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